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Choosing the Products You Sell

“I can’t believe my client ONLY ordered a 5×5 album! They should have ordered a larger one!”

I see things like this all the time, and I never understand the shock over what clients purchased.

After all, you chose to sell it to them! And you’re the expert that they hired, so it must be what you want them to have, right?

No? It isn’t? Well then, don’t sell it.

What you sell is up to YOU. It is your business. You don’t have to sell a 5×5 album (or whatever the product may be) if you don’t want to — just don’t offer it. Or if you do offer it, make it be an add-on product item, something clients can only get if they purchase what you do want them to buy.

You get to decide that. You only have to offer the products you consider perfect for your clients — and perfect for your business. Don’t sell them anything you wouldn’t want them to have.

(The fact that if they only buy this small item you don’t make enough money is a topic for a whole other day. Coming soon…)