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You Need to Run Away from Your Business

You need to run away from your business

Did you realize you need to run away from your business? That it could be one of the best things you ever did for it?

My blog post today for Inspire Photo Retreats is all about the things I learned when I did this myself last year.

Last year, I left home for what ended up being a 4 month, 19,000+ mile road trip. It wasn’t planned to be that long when I left, but as work found me along the way, I kept going. We left home originally so I could attend the World Domination Summit in Portland, visit family there, and then head to Seattle to see Mike’s brother and his family. After that, Mike was going to fly home, I’d drive back to Denver, park my car to fly to speak at BlogHer in Chicago, fly back to Denver to coach at the Team-X Fight Club, and then drive home.

When Fight Club ended was when it all began. I needed … something. I needed to get away. To unplug. To quiet the noise.

It is incredibly hard to admit that I completely neglected my business for those two weeks. As I reflect back on it, I realize it was one of the smartest moves I’ve made recently.

Go read the post there to learn more about the lessons I learned.

The biggest thing that came out of getting back to work? I went on to Calgary and met up with Stephanie and we created our Life + Business Coaching Program, Vivid & Brave.

It may be hard to admit, but I have no regrets.

When was the last time you took a vacation from your business? Have you ever completely cut yourself off and allowed yourself to recharge?

Finding Your Irresistible Words

Finding Your Irresistible Words

I knew that Jenika was something special the very first time I came across her website, Psychology for Photographers. She had a way with words that just pulled me in. I was even more charmed when I met her in person at BlogHer this summer – we were speaking together on a panel, so we went out for pizza the night before our talk to get to know one another even better.

She has a way with words, and a clarity that rings so true. Little bits of wisdom flow so easily, you almost can’t even keep up with them.

I’m in the midst of working through her From Portfolio to Profit Engine booklet, which I plan to review as soon as I am done. Then I learned that she has launched her Irresistible Words course and it is on SALE through November 6th, 2013.

(Psst… Want to get BOTH of them for an amazing deal? Pick up the Business Library Bundle! On sale through Nov. 6th as well!)

Here is her latest video — What Your English Class Should Have Taught You Instead. Just a taste of what the course includes!

If you’re tired of all of your blog posts sounding the same, and feeling like they just aren’t getting the attention they deserve, you should go RIGHT NOW and pick up a copy for yourself. Just reading through the preview copy on her site, I can’t wait to dive in to this. One thing at a time, right? But I did not want to wait to share it with you. Hurry, now, before it is too late! I promise you, Jenika will help with finding your irresistible words and it will make all of your writing even better!

Photo Credit: Olivander via Creative Commons License.

Go With What You Love in a Name

Business of Awesome - Helping Boudoir Photographers Build Awesome BusinessesBack when I first started this blog in 2011, it was living at Business of Awesome. But as I worked on plans for it behind the scenes, I knew I wanted to write about what I specialize in, which is boudoir photography. After many countless hours of debate, I moved the whole site over to Business of Boudoir.

I was never happy with the change.

I felt like saying “Business of Boudoir” out loud could potentially induce a coma-like state. It was SOOOOOOO boring. So not ME. It was similar to wearing a jacket where the lining of the sleeve is a bit twisted. It just doesn’t fit right. I annoys you. It makes you a little crazy.

Once I get in to that state of funk, it becomes hard to write. I fight it. I don’t want to, all because I don’t like saying it out loud. (The story about the Princess & the Pea? It may have been all about me. Maybe.)

Within a month of making the big move, I declared I was moving it all back. Which I did last night. I still have to make the final 301 redirect changes to the domain to finalize the move once I finish moving all the settings over, but by tonight it will all be back where it belongs.

Business of AWESOME.

Which fits my goal – to help you have the most awesome boudoir business possible. What we get to do is so amazing to me, so powerful in helping women see themselves to be the incredible people that they are. It is truly awesome, full of awe, full of inspiration.

If you’re on the mailing list, I think I can migrate that without you having to resubscribe. If you’re not on the list, please sign up for it! You can also find us on Facebook. If you can help to spread the word, I’d truly appreciate it!