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Go With What You Love in a Name

Business of Awesome - Helping Boudoir Photographers Build Awesome BusinessesBack when I first started this blog in 2011, it was living at Business of Awesome. But as I worked on plans for it behind the scenes, I knew I wanted to write about what I specialize in, which is boudoir photography. After many countless hours of debate, I moved the whole site over to Business of Boudoir.

I was never happy with the change.

I felt like saying “Business of Boudoir” out loud could potentially induce a coma-like state. It was SOOOOOOO boring. So not ME. It was similar to wearing a jacket where the lining of the sleeve is a bit twisted. It just doesn’t fit right. I annoys you. It makes you a little crazy.

Once I get in to that state of funk, it becomes hard to write. I fight it. I don’t want to, all because I don’t like saying it out loud. (The story about the Princess & the Pea? It may have been all about me. Maybe.)

Within a month of making the big move, I declared I was moving it all back. Which I did last night. I still have to make the final 301 redirect changes to the domain to finalize the move once I finish moving all the settings over, but by tonight it will all be back where it belongs.

Business of AWESOME.

Which fits my goal – to help you have the most awesome boudoir business possible. What we get to do is so amazing to me, so powerful in helping women see themselves to be the incredible people that they are. It is truly awesome, full of awe, full of inspiration.

If you’re on the mailing list, I think I can migrate that without you having to resubscribe. If you’re not on the list, please sign up for it! You can also find us on Facebook. If you can help to spread the word, I’d truly appreciate it!

Improve your Search Rankings with 3 Awesome SEO Tips!

This is a guestpost by Matt Antonino of High on SEO. Matt does search engine optimization for small businesses. You can find HighonSEO on Facebook! Thank you Matt for sharing this with us today!

After doing search engine optimization (SEO) for over 80 photographers we’ve noticed that a few issues continually pop up. Let’s take care of those so you can improve your search rankings on Google and Bing.

1) Improve your search rankings with WordPress tags

Look at the footer information in this post or the previous post. You’ll see a line that looks like this:

Tagged , , ,

When you tag your blog posts, you’re adding those words to the page. This increases the “keyword density” of the page and thus increases your chances of being found on search engines. Be careful when you’re tagging not to over-tag (photographer, photography, photographers, wedding photographers, wedding photographers in Memphis, photography Memphis TN, Memphis wedding photographers in TN, etc.) Use each keyword once or if absolutely necessary twice. Too-high density is worse than too-low.

Also be aware that the tags do need to show up on the page. Just because you tag something in your WordPress post, it won’t help your SEO if your WordPress theme doesn’t display the tags. Ideally, tags should be found only on the permalink (the page’s permanent home, not the main page of your blog.) For the previous post, the permalink is http://
The tags displaying on the main page don’t “hurt” you necessarily but on a blog you should be focused on a single keyphrase per post so that keyphrase wouldn’t apply to the other posts on your blog.

2) Improve your search rankings by putting your keywords early in your page title

Let’s say your keyphrase for a particular post is “improve your search rankings.” If you have that in your phrase in your title early (as we do), it helps your SEO. If we had written “3 Awesome Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings,” the post would not have as much value in Google. See the difference?

Indianapolis wedding photographers | Whoever Photography | Indiana photography studio


Whoever Photography – Indiana photography studio in Indianapolis

Photographers LOVE the second because it’s based on ego – put your name up front, be known, clients care who you are. True, but they only care who you are once they find you. Let’s compare the keywords. Number 2 uses “indiana photography” and “photography studio in Indianapolis.” That’s about it. The first uses Indianapolis wedding photographers, wedding photographers, photography studio, Indiana photography studio all of which are much more targeted to your target audience, yes?

3) Improve your search rankings through bold, italics, underline, headings and other font manipulation

When you bold a word on your website Google’s first “thought” is “wow, that’s important!” So they give your page more weight for that term. Think about it like your blog posts talk to Google in a normal voice. Then they shout one phrase. In a crowded room (like the top 10 for your keyphrase) they may hear your shout. Use as much font manipulation as you feel the post can handle and read naturally. You probably noticed we italicized “improve your search rankings”
in our title example above. It makes sense in context and now you know it makes sense for SEO, too.

Headings (such as our 3) Improve…) are the most help. Not only does this break your posts down into easily readable chunks but it tells Google where you’re going with the post and what you intended to discuss. Underlining helps the least in our tests. We assume this is because a lot of book titles and other info sources are underlined in citations for academic papers, etc.

Be careful with over-optimization. If you italicize, bold and underline your tags on every post, you’ll need to be very careful what you tag as they will each contain a lot of SEO juice. Moderation and building SEO over time will definitely increase your search rankings faster than going as hard as possible on a few key details.

I’m Here, Where Are You? Add Your Address to Your Site!

As I visit photographer’s sites, I see it all the time. For some reason, photographers don’t want to put their city & state (region, country, whatever fits where you live) on their website.

I’ve asked some of them, and almost always they respond about how it would be so cool to do destination work, and they want everyone to know they can travel wherever they are at. For example, when my business was more focused on weddings, I booked a destination wedding in Mexico because they looked specifically for a Houston-based photographer, knowing that flights cost less and were direct from Houston to Huatulco, Mexico. Having my city on my site helped!

Other times, they just overlooked it.

Add your address to your site! If you work from home, add your location. You don’t have to put your house address online. Let people who are looking for a photographer in your city know that you are in their city so that they can hire you!

SEO benefit is another reason – when people are searching for a photographer, they generally include the city name. Having yours there will help improve the results of finding you.

Last but not least, clients want to connect with you. They want to know that you’re like them – and having a city or even a neighborhood in common is so helpful for them to do that! For example, I live and have my studio in the Heights area of Houston, Texas. To other residents of the Heights, this means something to them. It tells them about my brand and my story that I chose to both live & work here. Houston is such a large city, it tells other people exactly where I am at and that I’m close to downtown, close to major freeways, it is easy to get here.

Check your site – is your location there? Put it on the footer of every page, put it on your Contact form. Don’t make people hunt for it. They will appreciate it!